Connecting service providers and customers


The Backstory

Varro is imagined to be a practical solution to very common problem: finding top-rated, responsible providers for different household services. Varro is the easiest, most convenient way to book any service you need at any time. Clients asked themselves a simple question that would later become our idea for a new mobile application: Why is it still so hard to hire a good, responsible handyman? Or a teacher? Or babysitter? Or any local professional with experience? Idea was to develop more than just simple mobile app. We wanted to help local economies to build stronger community. To help all the entrepreneurs to offer their services to all interested customers. Varro is imagined to be a new channel for them to promote their business.

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Varro is platform for connecting individuals looking for different household services with verified service providers. From babysitting to handyman services, Varro helps providers to find customers. Also, on Varro platform, providers can offer their services, get best rates after completing jobs, and get even more customers based on experience and rates. Just by completing the registration form, Varro platform connects customers with skilled providers to help with errands, so they can be more productive, every day and can focus on their own jobs. Idea was that in the era of mobile apps and finishing everything with few clicks, users shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time researching, calling and comparing local providers whenever they need any job done. So, we, along with our clients, figured out how to make this process easier. To help users find and book easily any provider across the city. Varro app is simple platform for everyone – for both providers, small businesses, freelancers and also customers who just need help with everyday tasks.







Become verified provider

Complete the registration form and use your skills to help others finish household chores. Confirm details with clients, complete the job and get best rates.


Search verified providers and services

See past reviews, rates and prices for every service provider and choose the one that suits your needs. View a list of their services for everything you need to be done.


Rate providers

Rate providers based on your own experience and help us ensure high quality standards on Varro application and also help other users find the best providers.


Offer your services

Create your services with our form – upload photos and videos that best represents your work. Add title and description and wait for clients to book your services.


Find popular services near you

Just choose your city on your registration form, and the Varro application will help you find popular service providers near your location and show you their videos.


Book a service

Once you've found the right provider, schedule the service, choose date and time and message your provider for any further information. Click on Inbox and access all your bookings.



Chat with service provider or a client to schedule the job or talk about any additional service requirements to get the job done. Easily change date or cancel your booking.


Favorite services

Each service provider could offer a variety of services. As a user, you can like any service from any service provider and easily access them in your Favorites section.




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