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Accounting service for your lump sum agency

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Startup Pausal launched its first web app on June 1st, 2016 and since than they have been helping users with creating and managing accounts for their lump sum agency. Their idea was to help entrepreneurs to avoid accounting mistakes, as they can be expensive and difficult to solve. To save the time they could spend on understanding law and tax rules, looking for the best solution for their business.
After the web app they decided to go mobile and to be only few clicks away from their users. Bstorm made both Android and iOS app for Pausal, so that users can fulfil all responsibilities for their lump sum agencies.

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Pausal app is your personal accounting package for your lump sum agency. When you decide to start your own business, this app will be there to assist you and guide you through complicated tax regulations. Simply and easy run your business, this app is taking care of everything for you. Our team transferred all the necessary features from Pausal web app into one new easy-to-use mobile app, for Android and iOS. And today, all the accounting you need for your agency is right in your pocket, supporting you and your business.


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My agency

This is the place in app where we take care of
all the information about your agency.
Once you save your data, app automatically creates
your invoices, tax bills and other significant documents.


In less than a minute you can create professional
invoices in all currencies and send them with one
click to your customers. All your invoices are
automatically and unmistakably inserted in
the Book on Turnover.

Lump sum tax

App automatically generates your tax bills
with all the information you need to pay
your lump sum tax.

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Book of Turnover

App automatically generates the Book of Turnover
for every year, updated whenever you make a new invoice.

All customers in one place

Simply insert all information about your customers
in the app, and use it whenever you need to make
a new invoice, with one click.

Medical-care cards

Within the app you can fill in all the necessary forms
for receiving medical-care cards, for you and your family.