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Inform the people you love if you are in danger

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The project "Drug ne meta" was launched in September 2015. with the idea to raise awareness about one very important issue – child’s abuse. They have worked continuously to prevent this problem, not just to react when the problem shows up in the newspaper.
The association decided to launch the Čuvam te mobile application to protect children and enable their parents to help them in situations where the child is in danger.
Idea was that this easy-to-use app sends information to the persons you love - with one click on a red button.

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The most important thing and the idea of this app is to allow parents to move fast and help their child if he/she is in dangerous situation. With just one click children can inform their parents that they are not ok and that they need their help. Parents than receive text message from their child informing them about dangerous situation. As we know, children sometimes don’t know how to describe where they are, and because of this, application also sends the child’s exact location.
Using this app, both parents and children will be prepared for every situation – parents to move fast if their child needs help, and children to ask for help, pressing red button and sending a message to them.


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Android UX Flow map


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Choose contacts

Children can select, from their phonebook the persons
they trust. Than app collects contact’s data and allows
them to send text message with exact location,
when they are in danger.

Red button – I’m in danger

With just one click children can inform their parents
and other contacts they have selected about their
situation, including their location.


Allowing application to use their location, children
will be able to inform their parents about their situation
and location, even if they don’t know where they are.

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